Top 16 WordPress Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Since it has been around for a while, WordPress is no longer only for blogs. It functions as a super tool for many websites. Continue reading if you’re new to WordPress and want to learn how to use it. We can assist you with our 16 tips and tricks.

  1. Hosting Provider: Pick a suitable location for your website before doing anything else with WordPress. It’s similar to picking a lovely location for a sandcastle.
  2. Constantly Updated WordPress and Plugins: Your website needs upgrades, just like you occasionally need new clothes and toys. They improve and secure it.
  3. Make Google Like You (Use Rank math Plugin): You must appease Google if you want people to find your website. To assist with such, there exist specialized tools.
  4. Create a Professional-Looking Website: You don’t want your website to appear strange on mobile devices. Select a universal design.
  5. Make Regular Backups (at least twice a month): Picture your most treasured toy going missing. Isn’t that depressing? Keep your website’s content safe by backing it up!
  6. Install Google Analytics: You can see who visits your website, but it’s not quite like spying. It is useful to know their preferences.
  7. Customise Permalinks: Use short, clever URLs in place of long, confusing ones. It’s similar to naming your website something cool.
  8. Arrange Your Things: Arrange items in their proper locations. It is comparable to having individual toy boxes.
  9. No Negative Comments: Remove any negative comments that users may leave on your website. Having a guard at your door is how it feels.
  10. Optimise Images: Large images can cause a website to load slowly. Reduce them in size to ensure speed.
  11. Make Widget Use Wisely: Include a few, but not too many, small gadgets on your website. It’s similar to decking up your room.
  12. Lock the Door (use Security Plugin): Use an SSL lock to secure your website. It resembles a secret code.
  13. Make utilise of Child Themes: To ensure that nothing goes wrong when you make changes to the appearance of your website, utilise a helper.
  14. Create a Contact Form or Call-Me Page: To facilitate communication, create a dedicated page. Comparable to a magic phone.
  15. Make It Quick: People dislike waiting, therefore make your website load incredibly quickly. It resembles a race vehicle.
  16. Learn Some HTML and CSS Coding: While it’s not necessary to be a computer whiz, having a basic understanding of coding can be helpful.

And that’s it! You’ll have a blast creating your website and getting the most out of WordPress with the help of these 16 tips and tricks. Enjoy yourselves!

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